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Family Made, 100% Natural, Bath, Body and Hair Care Products.

Handcrafted in the USA. Our natural soaps and body care products are just right for families looking for a more organic and natural lifestyle. We keep it simple by offering our naturally uncomplicated, proprietary formulations without synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives, always guaranteed safe and toxin free for you and your family. All of G.B.’s products are free of petroleum bases, parabens, sulfates, and other nasties you probably don’t want to pronounce. We use only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, many of which are grown and harvested locally here in Arizona. Why? Well, we’re as tired as you are of reading overwhelming product labels that hide some pretty deceptive synthetic ingredients in some so called, “natural” products. As you'll find out, more is definitely not always better. Its our mission to offer a healthy and safe alternative to mass marketed, chemical based body and hair care products. We're sure you'll enjoy all our hard work!

About Us

Our Story

Hello & Welcome! We’re a big family who wanted to start a different kind of company. Several years ago we started to pay a lot more attention to the personal care products we were using and the possible effects that they could have on our children.  The more we learned about these brand name products, the more we realized how much we had neglected to pay attention to the synthetic ingredients that they contained and the ill effects those ingredients had on our family's health.  When it finally became too much of a chore to research the laundry list of ingredients on these products, we decided to go back to basics and figure out a better way. Recalling the natural homema …

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